TASTE Summit – In coopertaion with the BBB & MECC Maastricht

9th of October 2018, MECC Congress Center Maastricht


Are you interested in new insights in Gastronomy? Do you want to know everything about the latest international developments on flavor and tasting ánd broaden your network at the same time? Then you should join this year’s TASTE Summit!


On Tuesday the 9th of October, professionals and specialists from the global hospitality industry come together to share their vision about the importance of Vital Food. Gastronomy, science, sustainability and health are the pillars for the change of tomorrow's food and are central to this day.!


Here are already some of the keynote speakers who are joining us this year for the TASTE Summit, the rest of the speakers will be announced shortly.


The TASTE Summit is open to public and offers a great chance to get exclusive insights in the industry and broaden your network. The ticket sales will open in mid to end May.


Impression of the Taste Summit "Quest for Quality" 2017


The first edition of the taste summit was a great success. With international speakers like Prof. Charles Spence and Paul Pairet who gave their own vision about taste and influencing taste by stimulating other receptors.


More local speakers such as Michiel Bakker (Google Foods) explained how in many ways taste can set up a better workplace and how employees become happier en more vital. And how he is focused on developing new insights and evidence in how food experiences can enable individuals and teams to be their best short and long term, and developing internal and external global partnerships to explore and tackle the challenges and opportunities in the broader food systems.


Peter Klosse talked about his mission to promote the consumption of real, natural, sustainable foods by: carrying out research, developing knowledge and products, educating, informing independently, combining strengths and working in partnership. With the statement: 'liking' is the driving force of food behavior and consequently, we must know much more about food choices that are unwanted in whatever way.


A successful edition on which we look back with pride. Below you can find a small impression of this day.


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