The TASTE Summit is open to public and offers a great chance to get exclusive insights in the industry and broaden your network. Ticket are available by clicking on the button below! Tickets are €195,- euro excl. VAT.


Date: 9th of October 2018

Time: 09:30 – 15:30

Location: MECC Congress Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands







TASTE Summit discusses the following steps towards a healthier society:


• What is "healthy" food? - Carlos Augusto Monteiro

• How does the consumer look at food & beverage and how can we interact with this? - Thimus, Neuroscience & Consumer Biometrics

• Which initiatives are already active? - Albert Kooy and Frank Fol

• How and what will change in the system for farmers, suppliers and government? - Province of Limburg - Provincial Agriculture and Nature Hubert Mackus & Diverzio - Koen Nouws Keij

• What is the importance of taste in these elements? - Peter Klosse



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